Advanced Dual for Biocide Maximum Protection
1200-1 Series

Biocop TF was developed as an alternative to tin-based antifouling paints to protect against the harshest marine environments and provide maximum protection. A new dual biocide technology and revolutionary polymer binder system "PL3" produces an engineered biocide that leaves no harmful effects on the environment. Biocop TF is considered the top performer among antifouling paints and is safe in salt or fresh water on boats of all sizes.

-  Maximum protection available

-  Advanced dual biocide PL3 release technology

-  Harder self-polishing boosted ablative antifoulant for longer life

-  Multi-Season performance

-  Performs in fresh or saltwater

-  Approved for vessels of all sizes

-  Lloyd's Registry approved
Red - 1201-1
Available Colors:
Black - 1205-1
Dark Blue - 1230-1
Green - 1234-1
Grey - 1231-1
Light Blue - 1202-1
Teal - 1235-1
Biocop TF™
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Oceania Region
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