Premium Marine Products

Before any marine coating product leaves our facility, it is tested for quality.

Each product is subjected to 12 categories of separate tests. Our professional staff of experts take pride in making sure every Sea Hawk product leaves our facility at its best.

Sea Hawk uses only the finest quality raw materials available and prepares every formula to exact specifications in our own facility. In order to ensure the highest quality products, we retain a sample of each batch of paint made. As a result, the quality can be monitored for up to six years after the product is released from our factory. New Nautical Coatings, Inc., takes pride in Sea Hawk products.

From boat bottom paint antifoulant coatings, to marine primers and specialty coatings, each product is specifically designed for ease of application and premium performance to fulfill a specific set of conditions. Our quality is second to none.

The product categories are:

Antifouling Paint

Bottom paint for aggressive control of all types of marine fouling, from barnacles to slime and algae.

Self-Polishing Copolymer - Ablative coating produces controlled erosion, eliminating coating build-up
Top Performing Biocide - Utilizes algaecide and polymer binder system for an engineered release
Hard Modified Epoxy - Hard, protective paint for the most durable finish and multi-season protection
Environmentally-Friendly - Outstanding protection from Low VOC to solvent-free and copper-free formulas
Propeller and Running Gear - Specially formulated foul-release chemistry dramatically increases speed
Specialty Antifouling - racing finish, transducer, inflatable and underwater metal antifouling coatings
Export Only - Tin based formulas designed for hot climates

Primer Systems

Primers for all multiple purposes, from hull preparation for antifouling paint to blister prevention, barrier coatings and more...

Specialty Products

Paintable acrylic temporary protective film, marine paint stripper, and more.


Low VOC de-waxing etch and cleaner and Wax N Grease Killer used in preparation of bottom painting.

Antifouling and Epoxy Reducers

Thinners and reducers designed for use with Sea Hawk products.


A convenient source for eight types of Premium Grade Sea Hawk solvents.

Resins, Gel-coats & Foam

Sea Hawk products for all types of marine projects and repairs.
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