Propeller and Running Gear Coating System

PropGlide's mission is to offer the best performing foul-release propeller coating, while remaining affordable and available to any boater in the world!

What is PropGlide™?


PropGlide™ is a foul-release coating that when applied to your propeller(s) and running gear will increase fuel efficiency and the performance of any vessel. This super slick coating keeps your propellers clean from marine growth for extended periods of time. Gain the advantages by applying PropGlide™ to your vessel.

PropGlide™ Kits


PropGlide™ is available in four easy-to-use size kits. The new Sailboat Kit makes it affordable for all boat sizes. Get over 25% more product with 30% Savings over competitive brands.

PropGlide™ Application Guide


The PropGlide™ Application Guidelines & Technical Data Sheet below provides the preparation steps to accurately apply any size PropGlide™ Kit. This will help to insure the product performs as intended to eliminate unwanted growth while increasing vessel speed.

PropGlide™ Coverage


The PropGlide™ Coverage Guidelines below are estimations as actual quantities may vary depending on environmental conditions, prop surfaces and individual applicators. Use the guide to determine which size PropGlide™ Kit is best for you!

PropGlide™ Safety Data


The PropGlide™ Safety Data Sheets for each of the components in each PropGlide Kit. Safety Data Sheets for the PropGlide™Primer Base, the PropGlide™Primer Hardener and the PropGlide™ Topcoat. 

Frequently Asked Questions

propgide questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding PropGlide™. If you don't find the answer here, please click on the contact us link and email us with your question(s). Our technical support team will be glad to help you!